Cargobike Solutions

Digital solutions for cargo bikes on the first and last mile

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Cargobike Solutions

We set out to support bike logistics providers with customized software solutions and to connect their IT systems with those of local and global shippers. As IT experts, we want to make our contribution to making the use of cargo bikes on the first and last mile more sustainable.

Cargobike Delivery

Cargobike Delivery is a software solution specifically tailored to the needs of bike logistics companies. Cargobike Delivery offers route planning and routing, shipment management, driver and vehicle management. What makes our solution special? Our routes are optimized specifically for the needs of Cargobikes, ensuring maximum efficiency. As a learning system, the solution guarantees not only efficient pickups and deliveries, but also key insights for bike logistics-friendly traffic planning.

Operator-Ansicht in der Cargobike Delivery App
The Cargobike Delivery tour planning

Cargo Bike Delivery App

The Cargo Bike Delivery app offers bike couriers route guidance, route overview and proof of delivery according to all common standards. This makes the Cargobike Delivery App the ideal companion for every bike courier. Furthermore, as a learning system, the Cargobike Delivery App offers possibilities to optimize future routes. For example, high curbs can be detected and avoided in the future.

Delivery-Ansicht in der Cargobike Delivery App


Tourenplanungsansicht in der Cargobike Delivery App

Tour Planning View

Zustellungsnachweis in der Cargobike Delivery App

Proof Of Delivery


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