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Insights into interactive mobility behavior through sensor and AI-based data collection & analysis.

strazoon Data & Insights Solutions

With our Data & Insights Solutions, we create differentiated analyses and insights into the interactive mobility behavior of road users for traffic planners and managers. For the analysis, we generate microscopic traffic data and use cost-effective sensor technology as well as a specially trained AI solution. This enables us to recognize all types of road users and record their movements in three-dimensional space. Of course GDPR-compliant through both automated anonymization and direct data processing on the sensor system / edge device.

MoBe Analytics

  • Capture and analysis of the dynamic and interactive behavior of all road users, esp. bicycles & pedestrians.
  • Creation of a cost-adequate solution for the generation of intelligent, microscopic mobility behavior and demand data
  • Permanent or temporary application possibilities for the collection of traffic data
  • Data privacy compliance through decentralized data processing as well as AI-based anonymization
  • Enabling effectiveness analyses of implemented traffic measures


Using a combination of low-cost sensor technology and artificial intelligence, we generate anonymized, microscopic traffic data. Demand-driven analyses thus generate differentiated insights into the density and interactive behavior of all road users - especially for bicycles and micromobility. In addition, targeted analyses for increasing traffic safety are made possible, such as the occurrence and frequency of dangerous situations and near misses in the entire traffic area. The system is suitable for both short-term mobile and stationary use.


Mobility behavior in urban areas is changing. The medium & long term trend shows a clear shift towards bicycle, public transport and micromobility. Societal and political forces together cause a sustainable change of the modal split in the context of climate change & the traffic turnaround. For an optimal planning, design and control of this future mobility, an adequate data basis is required.

MoBe-Interact Solution


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