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strazoon Planning Solutions

strazoon Planning Solutions simplifies the daily work for traffic planners and traffic managers. The traffic model for your planning area is created by one click. It is created automatically in the background and always uptodate because it is continuously updated. Planning area, zero case prognosis and specific scenarios can be freely defined and simulated. Calibrations and validations are data based and according to self-defined rules. The simulation output results are analyzed and visualized for the user.

With MobilityOps to the traffic model with one click

With the strazoon Planning Solutions module MobilityOps highly accurate traffic models can be created, updated and processed automatically for any regions and points in time. With just one click. MobilityOps benefits:

  • ... a continuous, automated and versionable creation and maintenance of traffic models
  • ... demand-oriented analyses of the current, past and future raffic structure, supply and demand
  • ... simplified and accelerated processes for the creation, simulation, presentation of results and decision-making for traffic planning.

The Solution

MobilityOps simplifies and accelerates planning processes and increases the quality of the planning basis through automated and rule-based multi-source consolidation.

MobilityOps Solution
  • Automated and rule-based creation & maintenance of traffic models
  • Continuous updating of structural data, traffic supply and traffic demand
  • Freely definable study area - also depending on relevant traffic/commuter flows
  • Versioning and historization of model states
  • Scenario generation for simulations as well as subsequent analysis and presentation of results
  • Demand-oriented exports for cooperation between authorities, engineering offices, construction companies, route planners, etc.

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Our developers will be happy to guide you through our interactive demo version and discuss the possibilities and benefits of MobilityOps. We look forward get in touch with you and will be happy to arrange an appointment.

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MobilityOps Demo

Building generic traffic models for SUMO

Recently we deployed our application for a real scenario for a midsize Germany city and simulated the use of electric and autonomous mini vans to justify changes in the city infrastructure and impacts on the traffic situation. We presented the results and outcomes at the SUMO User Conference 2022.