About us

Our Driver - The intelligent and sustainable mobility of tomorrow!

Our Vision

We want to participate in shaping cities that are worth living in.
By providing digital tools for those who are already working on tomorrow's mobility today.

  • Because the future always starts with the steps that you take today.
  • Because we are convinced that there is always a sustainable way.
  • Because only smart and sustainable solutions accelerate the progress and make the world a better place.

strazoon Solutions & Products

strazoon is a product family of Seven Principles Mobility GmbH. Our solutions and products are designed to help shape the sustainable and intelligent mobility of tomorrow. They are our answer to change and progress. We combine technology with expertise, experience with agile thinking and always focus on people.

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strazoon Labs

strazoon.io is a digital lab for our employees. We share our knowledge and set impulses that help our partners and our team to move forward. We embrace the concept of community and networking by connecting in meet-ups, conferences, and on social media.

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