Smart Logistics Zones

Intelligent solutions to prevent second-row parking

Relief traffic through smart delivery and loading zones

Get rid of traffic and delivery chaos caused by second-row parking. Intelligenly plan and manage loading and delivery zones. All the way to a dynamic & digital booking of loading and delivery zones by logistics service providers on their delivery tours.

Evaluate potentials of existing spaces and transform them into smart delivery and loading zones. For:

– Less traffic congestion through second-row parking.
– Safer traffic infrastructure thanks to smart delivery zones
– Less CO2 emissions thanks to less traffic chaos
– Efficient digital use for logistics companies and tradespeople

Urban logistics challenges

Increasing pickup & delivery traffic poses a major challenge to our urban transportation: blocked lanes, parked trucks in tightly built neighborhoods, parked-up loading zones, and busy streets.

Second row parking

Tight streets and occupied parking spaces often force logistics operators to stop on streets for loading and unloading as so-called second-row parkers.

Traffic & environmental impact

The result: start & stop traffic, congestion, risky overtaking maneuvers, higher risk of accidents, increased CO2 emissions, increasing traffic noise

Logistics concept

Cities and municipalities are forced to develop sustainable concepts and implement them quickly in order to maintain the quality of life in public spaces for everyone.

Delivery & loading zones

One of the most promising and sustainable solutions is to convert existing spaces into smart loading and delivery zones.

But which areas have what potential and what effect? And how can usage be guaranteed and digitally simplified for commercial traffic participants?

Together with you, we will find the optimal solution!

Smart Logistics Zones is the solution for managing delivery and loading zones.
From impact analysis to integration into existing IT systems.

Analysis of the potential and effect of redesignating areas
Intelligent analysis and planning with strazoon MobilityOps
Digital management & control of loading and delivery zones (bollards, parking sensors...)
Virtual booking system as well as open and free app for logistics service providers
Easy integration with all IT-systems as well as systems of other public services (e.g. parking monitoring)
Management of the infrastructure as a mixed multi-use zone

To all planners: Create potential and impact analysis for areas and concepts in your city now.